Wrist Sprain Causes and Symptoms

wrist sprainWrist Sprain Causes

Wrist sprain is a very common damage to the ligaments all around the bones of the wrist joint without any bone break.  It is caused by twisting or straining ligaments in the wrist region.  Wrist sprains frequently are caused by a fall onto an outstretched hand.  They can happen in the course of sports activities, recreation or day to day activities.  Recovery time differs for each particular person.  After you have endured a sprain injury to your wrist you must avoid heavy weight lifting (biceps curls), pull-ups as well as other causes that cause wrist distraction.

Wrist Sprain Categories

Sprains are actually categorized depending on the seriousness of the injuries starting with mild (sprain of the 1st degree), going on with moderate (sprain of the 2nd degree), and ending with severe (sprain of the 3rd degree) and also the indications will vary according to the harshness of your injury.  Symptoms steadily increase with greater tissue injury and inflammation.

Wrist Sprain Symptomswrist swelling

Injury symptoms can typically be visually recognized by swelling, and bruising in the wrist area. This can be connected together with losing the ability to move your wrist or thumb, or you could also feel pain when gripping or lifting your hand. Indications involve burning pain on the outside of the elbow that most usually begins mildly and gets consistent with time.  Sprains are recognized by pain and tenderness around the impacted area – which may run down the entire muscle, swelling, redness, and warmth.  Indications further may include numbness or stabbing at the thumb; this will happen gradually and deteriorate over time.

Your physician will take a look at your symptoms and inquire how you incurred the injury.  He or she will likely ask about any numb feeling in your hand and also your medical and orthopaedic background, particularly any prior injuries to your hand or wrist.

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